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 Discover! Weather Series - 3 Volume Set (3 Online Units)

Discover! Weather Series - 3 Volume Set (3 Online Units)

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Discover! Weather Series - 3 Volumes

Volume 1: Weather Fundamentals

Get a view of the weather as a global system. See Earth’s atmosphere as air masses in motion that interact to produce our weather. Look at the water cycle, cloud formation, cloud types, and warm and cold fronts. Global, regional and local patterns and how they are influenced by geography.

Volume 2: Extreme Weather

What makes storms? Why do some storms become so dangerous? Get inside a thunder cell, a tornado and a hurricane. See where the jet stream fits into the picture. Learn where storms get and release their energy. The human and economic impacts of severe weather events.

Volume 3: Weather Forecasting and Climate

See how local weather observations, weather charts and satellite data come together to predict a great day at the beach. Build your own backyard weather station. Learn how remote sensing of the oceans and the atmosphere—coupled with historic weather data—allow us to look into the past in order to predict Earth’s future climate.

Discover! Science Library

ScienceSchoolHouse’s new Discover! Science Library for grades 6-8 and 9-12, has the following features and components:

  1. Interactive multimedia tutorials: Each unit includes up to 200 screens with text and pictures/illustrations plus interactive exercises and lots of video clips. All core text is fully narrated (with an on/off option). Built to pedagogically correct standards with appendices for advanced research.
  2. Two text levels: Students can toggle between grades 9-12 and grades 6-8 text levels or stay at one of the two text levels throughout. All vocabulary checked for age appropriateness.
  3. One 30-minute, high-resolution, digital video associated with each unit, with content indexing and one-click navigation.
  4. Quizzes for the students and Test Banks for teachers.
  5. Teacher’s Guides and state and national curriculum correlations on our website.

System Requirements

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 10+, Safari 4+, Opera 9+

In each Unit:

Quizzes and Test Banks


Interactive Exercises

Movies and Animations

Interactive Multimedia Tutorial

xMedia Movie

Interactive Multimedia Tutorials - Tables of Contents

Weather Fundamentals - Discover! Weather Volume 1

  1. Weather Launch
  2. Introduction to the Weather
  3. The Hydrologic Cycle and Cloud Formation
  4. Global Weather Patterns
  5. Local Climates and Regional Patterns
  6. Cloud Types
  7. Unusual Atmospheric Phenomena
  8. What You Can Do – Careers and Awareness

Note: Appendices A, B and C are common to all Discover! titles.


  1. Scientific Method
  2. Measurement Systems and SI Units
  3. Careers in Science

Extreme Weather – Discover! Weather Volume 2

  1. Stormy Weather
  2. Billion Dollar Storms
  3. Hurricanes
  4. East Coast Winter Storms
  5. Floods and Droughts
  6. Tornadoes


  1. Scientific Method
  2. Measurement Systems and SI Units
  3. Careers in Science

Weather Forecasting and Climate Change– Discover! Weather Volume 3

  1. Forecasting the Weather
  2. Backyard Meteorology
  3. Reading Weather Charts
  4. Climate and Climate Change
  5. Remote Sensing of Ocean Climate


  1. Scientific Method
  2. Measurement Systems and SI Units
  3. Careers in Science
  4. El Nino
  5. The Climate System
  6. The Effects of Climate Change
  7. Stratospheric Ozone
  8. The Ozone Hole

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