About ScienceSchoolHouse

Welcome to our catalog of fine science products on CD and VHS.

EOA Scientific has developed some of these products, and we think that they are among the best available on the market today.

We also have been very careful to evaluate each and every one of the many products that have been submitted to us for distribution by other developers. Most did not make the cut. The ones that we offer to you for sale have been judged to be the highest quality educational material available in the world today. Our criteria for this judgment included:

  • age-appropriateness
  • substance of science content must be in-depth and have broad relevance
  • excellence in interactive multimedia
  • positive pedagogy consistent with a mix of instructive and constructive perspectives
  • correlation with national, state and provincial learning outcomes and standardized tests
EOA Scientific firmly believes that these products not only provide good educational instruction, science interaction and multimedia, and fun, but also will contribute to success in school and expanded understanding of the nature of science.

Please contact us with your feedback. All of our products are fully guaranteed.